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Go Multi-Chain with LI.FI, now!

A bridge aggregation protocol with DEX connectivity and cross-chain data messaging capabilities.

The Full Cross-Chain Stack
Widget: Win users from anywhere
The simplest way to get started. Implemented in 5 minutes, customizable, even monetizable. Plug 'n' play cross-chain support.
SDK: Own the journey - go fancy
The easiest possible way to drive your cross-chain strategy is with LI.FI. Our SDK provides easy access to our API, smart contract interaction and transaction management.
Smart Routing API
The best routing for any asset on any chain, to another asset on another chain. True any-to-any swaps.
LI.FI Protocol
Our Bridge & DEX Aggregation Protocol gives you access to all Bridges and DEXs, both on- and cross-chain.
Our mission
We believe Web3 needs to be made available for not only the next million users, but for the next million developers to build on it as well.
LI.FI has built a middle layer between DeFi infrastructure and the dApp layer. Aggregating the cornerstones of DeFi allows developers to focus on their own value proposition. The ultimate gateway to any swapping and bridging available today.