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Use Case: Dapp & Web 3

Onboard users from anywhere - convert them directly

Instead of your users having to go to a DEX or bridge, let them use your product immediately.

What can you do with LI.FI?
Find and execute the best cross-chain & on-chain swap.
We consult all the DEX aggregators out there: 0x, Paraswap, 1inch, OpenOcean, UniDEX and if necessary, we'll check with all bridges what the best way to go is. - We can even do both within 1 transaction.
Help your news users with the gas fees on your chain
With new chains popping up every now and then, it has become difficult to get gas fees for that initial swap. With LI.FI you can help your users to swap into gas directly.
Enable swap on the sidebar, save real estate
Instead of implementing our whole widget which takes up a significant amount of space on your website, implement a retractable side bar, same features, but with a button!
LI.FI widget for dapps
For Developers, by Developers
Security: Smart Routing
We do everything in our power to ensure the security of all transactions, no matter the volume
Reliability: Fallback Options
If a third party becomes “unavailable”, for example, we'll keep your UX up with fallback solutions
UX: Speed&Fees Optimization
From badged transfers to split transfers, and everything in between