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A “one-stop-shop” for bridging & swaps! It's all aggregated and made available the way you want it.

  • Fully customizable
  • Smart - or your preferred - routing across Bridges, DEXs & DEX Aggregators
Move any asset
Across the supported chains
By aggregating bridges and connecting them to the DEXes on each chain
UX your users will love
Smart Routing
Our protocol finds your users the best route with costs, speed, security and gas efficiency.
Trustworthy Bridging
Users always know where their funds are throughout a transaction with our transparent and fail-safe bridging process.
Web Push Notifications
We notify users when their swap is done so they can spend the maximum time on your dApp.
Multi-Coin Swaps
Your users can swap multiple coins into your dApp at once
Safe to close tabs
User's browser crashed? Don't worry, we'll get them back on track
Native Gas Delivery
Your users can get part of their transfer as native currency, to do more on your dapp.
For Developers, by Developers
Security: Smart Routing
We do everything in our power to ensure the security of all transactions, no matter the volume
Reliability: Fallback Options
If a third party becomes “unavailable”, for example, we'll keep your UX up with fallback solutions
UX: Speed&Fees Optimization
From badged transfers to split transfers, and everything in between
Let's get started
Our Widget's an MVP for the moment, but it's coming soon. Get a head start so you're ready to go!
all dexes &
dex aggregators
your dapp
LI.FI's DeFi Abstraction Contract aggregates cross-chain bridges and connects them with all DEXs and DEX aggregators on all chains
LI.FI's Smart Routing API gathers data across all liquidity pools on DEXs and Bridges. Additionally, it measures, compares and calculates everything relevant to liquidity, fees, speed, and the gas efficiency of the aggregated protocols to calculate the best possible swap, every time.
LI.FI's SDK and Widget handles the communication between our API and Smart Contract. The Widget provides a seamless user experience giving them the flexibility to swap from anywhere directly into your dApp, contract, or asset of choice. It's the perfect tool for you to easily onboard your new users.