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The Managers NFT Partner with LI.FI For The First Cross-Chain Mint

TL;DR - Mint a managers NFT on any chain with any token!

Alex C.

We’re excited to announce that The Managers, an NFT collection that revolutionizes the NFT space by utilizing the ERC-6651 standard, has integrated LI.FI’s widget and NFT Checkout Flow. With the integration, anyone who mints a Managers NFT can do so from any chain with any token in just a few clicks!

What is ERC-6651?

ERC-6651, also known as token-bound accounts (TBA) builds upon the ERC-721 standard by introducing smart contract capabilities to NFTs. Simply put, your NFT can now also be a smart contract wallet that can interact with different decentralized apps in the Ethereum ecosystem. This allows for the bundling of NFTs with related assets, such as tokens or other NFTs, into a single profile. 

Some of the most interesting use cases of ERC-6551 include:

  • Transferring multiple assets in a single tx: Imagine owning a collection of 3000 NFTs. Selling them one by one would be a tedious and costly process due to fees and time. However, having all those NFTs consolidated into a single NFT enables you to sell the entire collection in just one transaction.

  • Blockchain gaming: Token bound accounts simplify the gaming experience by transferring all in-game assets into a single wallet instead of separate tokens, thus creating smoother in-game interfaces for players and a friendlier environment for developers

  • DAO Governance: Imagine a DAO where each member holds a unique NFT, their very own membership card representing their identity within the organization. With ERC-6551 tokens, this NFT becomes more than just a symbol; it becomes a gateway to a world of possibilities. By harnessing the power of ERC-6551, DAO members can now collect POAPs, soulbound tokens, images, and various proofs of achievements within their membership NFT. It's a personal ID showcasing their accomplishments and reputation within the DAO community.

  • Baskets and token indexes: ERC-6551 NFTs allow you to create baskets of niche tokens like Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) in a single NFT.


What Is The Managers?

The Managers is an NFT collection that revolutionizes the NFT space by utilizing the groundbreaking ERC-6551 standard called Token Bound Account (TBA). With Token Bound accounts, each NFT gets a deterministic address on the Ethereum network, enabling it to function as a fully functional digital wallet like the one you use in Metamask. This allows NFT owners to manage their tokens directly from their NFTs. Your NFT becomes a treasury vault and a digital identity, empowering you with new possibilities and use cases. The team believes the new ERC-6551 standard (NFT as a wallet) will take the NFT space by storm and completely reshape how we use NFTs. Their goal is to become a hub for all ERC6551 enthusiasts, the place to learn, experiment and have fun playing with this groundbreaking new technology.

Like with any NFT — you can sell your TBA Managers NFT. The minting for this exclusive NFT collection will commence on June 21st, the first day of summer. Follow The Managers on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest news and information. Get ready to take your NFT ownership to the next level with The Managers!

About the art: The Managers NFT collection showcases a diverse range of visual elements that embody the unique and carefully considered traits of each manager. The team has thoughtfully curated renowned collections that capture the essence of crypto and internet culture, featuring recognizable symbols such as Twitter checkmarks, Trump hairstyles, sunglasses, and laser eyes. Additionally, they have incorporated various props like glasses, pipes, cigars, cigarettes, money, and even Steve Jobs’ iconic turtleneck. These elements come together to create a captivating and dynamic collection.

Some special Manager’s ties pay homage to various communities, including Moonbirds, Mfers, Nouns, Dickbutts, Ethereum, Polygon, and many others. Each tie represents a deep appreciation for these communities and their contributions to the crypto and internet landscape.

About the artist: The artist responsible for The Managers collection Nik Titanik is a highly accomplished caricaturist with an impressive career spanning over 30 years. Their expertise and talent shine through in their work, which you can explore here. Their extensive experience ensures that each manager’s portrayal is skillfully crafted, capturing their unique qualities in a captivating and visually striking manner.


LI.FI x The Managers

The Managers NFT has embedded LI.FI’s widget and NFT checkout flow directly in their website. This enables users to seamlessly mint an NFT on any chain with any token! With the partnership, any new or experienced user can buy an NFT as easily as possible regardless of the chain and token they have.

Say hello to the future of minting NFTs; with LI.FI’s NFT Checkout flow, we are abstracting away the complexities of the cross-chain universe. Before, users needed to find a DEX to swap their tokens, Find a bridge to move their funds across chains, and head to the website of the NFT they want to mint. Now users can skip all these extra steps and do everything mentioned above in one place with speed, efficiency and security.

The partnership between LI.FI and The Managers represent the first-ever cross-chain mint! We’re excited to welcome The Managers NFT to the LI.Family!

To learn more about the Managers check out their,

FAQ: The Managers NFT Partner with LI.FI For The First Cross-Chain Mint

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