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LI.FI For DeFi Dashboards

Portfolio management dashboards have been a great addition to the DeFi toolkit. This is because they allow users to manage their liquidity investments across different dApps on multiple chains, all from a single application. They also enable users to keep track of their crypto assets using their portfolio tracker feature.

Additionally, such dashboards enable users to swap tokens, add liquidity to pools, and deposit into DeFi savings dApps like Aave from their application. DeFi portfolio management dashboards offer an extensive suite of products and services, but there is always scope for improving the offerings and providing more value.

For such dashboards, one area of improvement can be the bridging component; to allow users to move tokens from one blockchain network to another safely and efficiently. This is where the LI.FI SDK and the customizable widget comes in.

How can LiFinance help improve DeFi portfolio management dashboards? Let’s take a look!

We aggregate and abstract away the most important bridges and connect them to DEXes and DEX aggregators on each chain to facilitate cross-chain any-to-any swaps. This is made available for use by DeFi portfolio management dashboards in the form of a customizable widget, enabling them to allow their users to buy, invest or deposit any asset from any chain directly into their dApp.

Here’s why you should consider using our widget instead of integrating bridges:

  • Bridges bring with them a slew of issues and costs.

  • A single bridge will not suffice.

  • Implementing a bridge alone may not be enough; you may also need to add DEXes and DEX aggregators.

Here are the benefits of using our widget for DeFi portfolio management dashboards:

  • Allow your users to transfer tokens between chains on your platform.

  • Encourage users to utilize your platform solely for cross-chain transactions because that is all they require.

  • Trigger our swapping interface from any button. Allow your users to invest in your dApp in the way you see fit.

  • An opportunity to monetize the widget & SDK by adding a fee per bridge/swap.

Sounds interesting? Contact us, and we will assist you with implementing cross-chain transactions in your dApp!

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Disclaimer: This article is only meant for informational purposes. The projects mentioned in the article are our partners, but we encourage you to do your due diligence before using or buying tokens of any protocol mentioned. This is not financial advice.

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