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Advanced Bridge & DEX Aggregation

Cross-chain bridging, swapping and messaging will drive your multi-chain strategy and attract new users from everywhere.

Battle-tested by thousands of daily users
We believe developers and users shouldn't have to care about how to move assets.
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Secure & Reliable Cross-Chain Strategies

One SDK to get you multi-chain
LI.FI helps you to offer on-chain swaps, cross-chain swaps and a combination of both. Arbitrary function calls and cross-data messaging allow for more complex strategies. We aggregated all the bridges, DEXs and DEX aggregators so that you don't have to.
10X your UX with the LI.FI Widget
We agonise over the best abstractions so your team doesn't have to! No need to slap together disparate bridges and DEXs anymore… nor spend months integrating them. With LI.FI, humans can use your dApp right away!
100% Commitment To Your Needs
Smart &/or Preferred Routing
Finding the best route across bridges & DEX aggregators, allowing split & batch transactions - our protocol does it all.
Customizable & Monetizable
Customize the Widget's appearance - and the behaviour/route priority - of our API/SDK giving you the flexibility, control and trust you need.
Service Level Agreements
We understand our partners need to be supported, and we'll be with you all the way. Guaranteed.
LI.FI is Secure & Reliable
We spend a huge amount of time consulting with our integration partners to optimize our algorithms ensuring your users are safe. Check our blog here:
Start your integration
Get up and running with LI.FI in as little as 5 minutes.

// install the SDK via 
// yarn add @lifi/sdk
// npm install @lifi/sdk

// import our SDK
import LIFI from '@lifi/sdk';

// initialize the SDK
const lifi = new LIFI();

// request and select a route
const routeRequest = {
  fromChainId: 137, // Polygon
  fromAmount: "1000000", // 1 USDT
  // USDT on Polygon
  fromTokenAddress: "0xc2132d05d31c914a87c6611c10748aeb04b58e8f",
  toChainId: 100, // Gnosis
  // USDT on Gnosis
  toTokenAddress: "0x4ecaba5870353805a9f068101a40e0f32ed605c6",
  options: {
    slippage: 0.03, // = 3%
const routeResponse = await lifi.getRoutes(routeRequest);
const route = routeResponse.routes[0];

// execute the route
await lifi.executeRoute(/* ethers wallet or signer */, route);
LI.FI's Founders: “We want to share our experience…”
Philipp and Max have been building companies together for almost a decade: “The web is close to our hearts. We have many years of experience with aggregating data, processing, and data availability - we saw the advantage of bringing our know-how to web 3. We've hand-picked a team of the most brilliant people from the bridge-building and DEX aggregation space for this endeavour. Our goal is to empower developers to onboard millions of new users!”
Andre Cronje
David & Ryan // Bankless
Anthony Sassano
Darren & Daryl Lau
Jason Choi
Anton Bukov
Mounir Benchemled