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Best price execution for any swap/bridge

One API to swap, bridge, and zap across all major blockchains and protocols. Enable trading across all DEX aggregators, bridges, and intent-systems and save hundreds of developer hours.

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150+ partners trust LI.FI
Go to market faster. No integration and maintenance overhead. Benefit from risk mitigation, fail safety and neatless interoperability by a vast amount of underlying protocols (e.g. DEX aggregators & bridges), which LI.FI aggregates.
Connecting TradFi to DeFi with one API
Security First
Frequent audits, pentests and enterprise-grade security controls. We work intensively with the most trusted organizations in the space to create risk-assessment frameworks and risk-mitigation measures.
Cost & Time Savings
It takes constant research, integration, monitoring and maintenance overhead. A unified data handling allows consistent analytics, debugging and customer support capabilities. You get all of that out of the box.
Monetization Features
Flexible fee structures allow the collection and distribution of fees amongst partners. Automatic fee conversions (depending on which currency the fees were taken in) are included.

Swap & Bridge Liquidity Across 20+ Chains

A customizable widget for fast GTM
The widget offers you a flexible, lightweight and heavily customizable interface for swapping, bridging or crypto-native checkout experiences. Building and optimizing the user experience is being taken care of.
Use chain abstraction to keep up with a fast paced industry
The two founders, Philipp and Max, have already been building companies together for 10 years. With a growing team of 40+ people, we’re obsessed with DeFi infrastructure and aggregating and optimizing the most important parts of it to accelerate the widespread adoption of crypto.
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